Puja Mandala And The Temples Of Bali

Puja Mandala completes the romance of Bali.  In today’s world, torn with divisive religious beliefs and intolerance, an unusual site where four beautifully crafted buildings stands.  Four diverse religious denominations have built their houses of faith alongside each other, separated only by a thin strip of landscaping.  Side by side, are huge houses of worship, the Masjid for moslems, for Roman Catholics, the Gereja Katolik, Vihara for the Buddhists, and the Pura Jagatnata for the Hindu.


 Derived from the Sanskrit words puja (devotion, worship) and mandala (space), the worship complex is now one of the jewels of Bali, an island known for its religious tolerance and multi-ethnicity.   (The Jakarta Post, Bali Daily, May 14, 2013).  This link best describes Puja Mandala  http://www.thebalidaily.com/2013-05-14/puja-mandala-a-showcase-religious-tolerance.html


When visiting temples in Bali there are rules posted by entrances:

  • Women during menstruation are strictly forbidden to enter the temple

  • Dress decently before entering the temple premises

  • Visitor entering the temple must wear a sash and sarong

069 065

Sash and Sarong Compliance

046 076 072 066

079 074 043 049

050 051 052 053

041 047 048 054


7 comments on “Puja Mandala And The Temples Of Bali

  1. Love your pictures, esp the sarong with sneakers! Temples are so beautiful and old. You must love the food there, and of course the weather. Keep the pictures coming. I feel like I am traveling with you.


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  2. I’m back and I’ve almost recovered from the 8 days of training on the West and East coasts. Whenever you are ready, I can help you with your blog issues again. ________________________________________

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